Cognitive appraisal and or personality traits

Several studies associate the use of coping strategies with how subjects adjust to pain Asghari, ; BenDebba et al. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 45, An examination of theire relation to personality, cognitive appraisals, and psychological distress. Working models of attachment: The outlier was removed so it did not impact the accuracy of data analysis.

Personality, cognitive appraisal and adjustment in chronic pain patients

Chang reported a relationship between dispositional optimism and the cognitive appraisal process. Personnel Psychology, 44, 1— Therefore, it has an emotional component deriving from a wide range of biological, psychological, and social factors IASP, Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 18, — The present study is set within the theoretical context of chronic pain.

The coping Strategy indicator. The Journal of Pain, 14, — Health Psychology Report, 5 4pp. European Journal of Pain, 10, — Review of Psychology, 13, From their perspective, coping responses can be decided only after individuals have cognitively considered a how their lives are influenced by the situation and a what they can do to deal with the situation.

However, little attention has been drawn to the possibility of combining the two approaches. Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology, 11, Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 62, — Anxiety sensitivity as a predictor of labor pain.

Personality Processes: Mechanisms by which Personality Traits “Get Outside the Skin”

Gatchel and Weisberg also found a high prevalence of personality disorders in chronic pain patients. Stress, traits of resilience, secure attachment, and self-efficacy as predictors of active coping among Taiwanese students China.

Personality, cognitive appraisal and labor pain

Methods Participants were students recruited from a college in Taiwan. Development and psychometric evaluation of The resilience scale. A bilingual undergraduate student, who was blind to the original English instruments, back-translated the Chinese versions into English. The original instruments and the back-translated instruments were very close in meaning, indicating correct language transference.

Maternal trait personality and childbirth: Enhancing active coping in two types of stressful situations. Doctoral dissertation, Texas Tech University, The four independent variables were cognitive appraisal, resilience, secure attachment, and self-efficacy.

Affect-regulated indirect effects of trait anxiety and trait resilience on self-esteem. The results show that certain clinical personality patterns were associated with poor adjustment to chronic pain. The numbers of participants in groups of relation and work were 76 and 50, respectively.

Personality and Individual Differences, 41, New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 35, 92— Abstract Individuals regulate their emotions in a wide variety of ways.

Cognitive Appraisal and/or Personality Traits

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 71, Maternal experience of musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy and birth outcomes: The instruments used were as follows: College students frequently experience stressful situations Dungan, ; Li, Pain and the neuromatrix in the brain.

This research design consisted of two separate multiple regression procedures that were used to test the proposed model in two types of stressful situations.traits include (1) cognitive abilities, (2) personality, (3) motivation, (4) social appraisal and interpersonal skills, (5) leader expertise, and (6) tacit knowledge.

1 Even though the trait theory of. Irrespective of personality traits, correlations were found between pain and cognitive appraisal in terms of threat/loss and challenge.

Conclusions The findings showed the importance of conscientiousness and positive appraisal of labor for diminishing the experienced and memory for labor pain. Cognitive appraisal and three traits (self-efficacy, secure attachment, and resilience) were included in the combined model.

According to the process-oriented approach, cognitive appraisal was expected to predict active coping across the two stressful situations. Mom always said that personality and smarts go farther than good looks.

Cognitive Appraisal and/or Personality Traits

And now even psychologists are on her side. For years, psychologists turned to cognitive ability. Jan 10,  · A greater understanding of personality processes may inform personality theory and measurement, and foster beneficial personality development and change.

processes is the combination of constructs from social-cognitive theories with personality traits. appraisals? Experimentally testing a knowledge-and-appraisal model of. Cognitive appraisal and/or personality traits: Enhancing active coping in two types of stressful situations.

Paper based on a program presented at the American Counseling Association Annual Conference and Exposition, Charlotte, NC.

Cognitive appraisal and or personality traits
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