Similarities and differences between japanese and european feudalism essay

Or will he wear the later close fitting Kamakura period do-maru armor and use the more familiar katana? We classify each as longswords because both were blade weapons designed for the same purpose, killing.

The Similarities and Differences of 17th Century Europe

Though many people today may believe that Feudalism was a failing system, it seemed to work out okay for the Japanese and Europeans. It was not designed to take a great deal of abuse, and is not as resilient in flexibility nor intended to directly oppose soft or hard armors as some forms of Medieval swords had to be.

There is a certain truth to this, but it's a simplistic view. Japanese samurai and European knights also followed moral codes, called the bushido in Japan and chivalry in Europe. Americans pay attention to efficiency, shorten the negotiation time.

Both Japan and Europe needed to laws for their citizens to maintain order: Here are just a few of them.

Feudalism in Europe and Japan

The shoguns were on the top of the social pyramid and promised protection and land to the daimyos and peasants below him.

Both European and Japanese systems excluded members of the clergy from the social systems.

Compare and contrast European feudalism vs. Japanese feudalism?

If a warrior does not really know the shield, or hasn't faced a good shield fighter, then they cannot be expected to know how to ideally fight against it. For that matter, would the samurai be allowed to use both his long katana and his wakizashi short sword together?

What has not been pointed out is that Montanus's account is actually not all that impressive. Those who presume the use of Medieval long-sword merely involved a brutish hacking are also under a tremendous delusion.

Although, other evidence suggests average European heights in the 16th century were just above 5 feet.

Comparing Japanese and Western European Feudalism

The Japanese music is highly influenced by the Western counterparts. Arms and Armour of the Samurai. But, we must not fall into the mistake of judging the Medieval longsword in terms of what we know about classical Japanese fencing.

Given this performance against Chinese maile armor, it does give question to how effective they would be against the strength of well-made Medieval European byrnies let alone even stronger plate armor.

Yet a shield user's attacks are not at all one sided. While the edge of a katana is very strong with a sharp cutting bevel, it is a thick wedge shape and still has to move aside material as it cuts.

United States vs China

There is also no question that athleticism, physical fitness and conditioning were integral parts of knightly chivalric virtue as considerable literary and iconographic evidence from the period testifies.

Another important feature of Japanese culture is its folk dances and traditional festivities. The fight cannot be reduced to any generalized statements about who had the overall historical advantage in skill or who had the superior array of arms and armor.

In China, the Communist Party has absolute control and royalties do not get any recognition today. For example, eating and drinking, manner of conduct in relation to others, and language, character and the fashion of nation. At the same time, while we may not have an extant tradition of knightly martial arts any longer, we however do have volumes of actual training manuals from the era describing in technical detail for us just what their skills and methods at the time were all about.

Perhaps the most major of similarities in these cultures is the way that they honored the military strongly.Transcript of Comparison of Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan. Comparison of Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan Use this to revise what we've been learning this year.

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Differences And Similarities Between Descriptive And Prescriptive Strategies

May 18,  · There are similarities and differences between Japanese and European feudalism. Both seem to have developed from a blending of concepts of centralized imperial rule with traditional tribal organization and personal bonds of Resolved.

The Tratado em que se contém muito susinta & abreviadamente algumas contradições & diferenças de custumes antre a gente de Europa & esta provínvia de Japão is an original and often entertaining comparison of European and Japanese customs written in by Luis Froís, a Portuguese Jesuit missionary.

It consists of one-liners about hundreds of topics, from the nature of God to the best. As you can see from above, both Medieval Europe and Shogunate Japan had some very strong similarities but also differences.

Similarities: Both Medieval Europe and Shogunate Japan took advantage of the loop hole technology which allowed a archer. What are the differences and similarities between Japanese feudalism and European feudalism? Update Cancel. What are the differences and similarities between Medieval England and Feudal Japan?

How do European and Japanese concepts of Feudalism compare?

Similarities and differences between japanese and european feudalism essay
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